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Hi Sally

Thanks you very much for seeing Em this morning. As you know I'm sceptical of hypno etc but was speechless at what Em has told me and won't be a cynic again! She says that she already feels more confident. We stopped off at tesco express to get her a roll for her lunch and she was like a different person. Firstly she came into the shop and then wasn't on high alert for coughing customers incase they vomited. She said that after you brought her out her trance she felt like crying and while in it couldn't feel her hands and feet. I am really very greatful Sally and will talk to you to see if you think more sessions would be beneficial.

Sally, I did it I did it I did it!!! and it is all down to you. Not one shake, not one voice tremble, I am so thrilled I am back in business, able to enjoy something I love. Thank you so much. I may call on you again sometime if I lose my nerve again. Thank you again Doreen.

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